Other Committees 

Please find the 2019-2021 Buffalo Teachers Federation Committee Appointments below.
Communication/Technology Committee                                            
Thomas Anthony, Chairperson
Brian Barrey, Jr.      
Marc Bruno  
Laura Johnston
Community Engagement Committee 
Eve Shippens, Co-Chairperson      
Liz Spiro-Carman, Co-Chairperson      
Council Secretary
Sue Raichilson      
Educators of Special Education
Greg Sawicki, Chairperson      
Susan Baker      
Amy Flynn      
Janine Schuster      
Ethnic Minority Involvement Committee
Sophia Howard-Johnson, Chairperson      
Ruyvette Townsend, Chairperson      
Joseph Montante, Chairperson      
Michael Mecca      
Janine Schuster      
Chris Stephens      
Amy Flynn      
Grievance Committee
Jospeh Montante, Chairperson      
Dennis Bracato      
Nicole Herkey      
Jorge Koury      
Ruyvette Townsend      
Patrick Foster      
 Susan Baker, Co-Chairperson      
 Patrick Foster, Co-Chairperson      
Membership Committee      
  Mike Mecca, Chairperson      
  Ellen Malone      
  Trisha Rosokoff