Archived New and Alerts

2017 - 2018 School Year


10/03/18 - We have received a copy of what in some schools is titled “CLASSROOM WALKTHROUGH FORM” - Classroom Walkthroughs (Drive-bys) Memo
10/01/18 - The BTF is offering all BTF members, and their children an opportunity to attend the BPO "Kids Take over Kleinhans" - Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra "Kids Take Over Kleinhans" Series Memo
07/20/18 - This is just one of the many, many articles (what else would you expect from The Buffalo News?) that have but one objective – destroy union solidarity and unions - The Attacks Begin Memo
07/18/18 - As the District continues to utilize a flawed and contract violating transfer process, we ask that, when teachers who have requested a transfer are called... - Updates/issues Memo
07/09/18 - While we are grieving the transfer process, you should consider following it as directed by the District - Transfer Process Memo
06/25/18 - Things to remember - Transfers, Contract, and Board Elections Memo
06/14/18 - The District has, just today (about 1:00 p.m.), agreed to the two (2) MOU’s drafted by the BTF to address immediate transfer issues that, if not corrected, would present problems for teachers. - BTF Transfer MOUs Memo
06/12/18 - As per the contract, a joint BTF/District committee was formed to “improve the Buffalo Public Schools athletic program.” - Coaching MOU Memo
06/07/18 - Despite the rumors, there has been no agreement between the BTF and the District relating to any changes in the transfer process - Transfer and Other Information Memo
06/05/18 - The BTF Contract is now available online. Click Here to view the PDF.
06/04/18 - We have compiling the information teachers have sent to us relating to safety concerns in their building and in general; however, we wanted to give you another opportunity to relay school safety concerns to us - School Safety Concerns
06/04/18 - Tom Pisa, who lead the BTF for over 11 years through very difficult times - Sad News Memo
05/17/18 - Memos sent to the Superintendent, the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Members of the Board of Education - Transfer Process Memo
05/04/18 - We have made no agreement to return to the horrendous transfer policy attempted by the District last year. Transfers are to take place as per our contract and past practice. - Transfer Memo
04/11/18 - The horror stories abound relating to how principals are shaming students and parents into not opting-out of the State Tests - Pathetic Tactics to Force Students/Parents to Not Opt-Out Memo
04/10/18 - Please find two (2) proposed school calendars for the 2018-2019 school year - 2018-2019 School Calendar Memo
03/28/18 - Our first full page Open Letter to Our Students is in this week’s edition of The Public - Open Letter to Our Students – You Give Us Hope Memo
03/21/18 - Please support students by joining with the “March for Our Lives” rally at 1:30 on March 24, 2018 at Lafayette Square - March for Our Lives – March 24, 2018 Memo
03/21/18 - Opportunity for teachers to participate in a summer employment opportunity speaking with other NYUST members in your community - Member Organizing Institute WNY May 4-6 Memo
03/15/18 - The Buffalo Administrators have filed a grievance seeking to have the District prohibited from implementing our APPR - Administrators’ Grievance – Teachers’ APPR Memo
03/15/18 - FYI - Teachers should continue to follow the procedure outlined in the Contract as per our last email - Transfer Grievance Memo
03/13/18 - Parents are being told that non-teaching duties assigned to teachers at City Honors are also assigned to teachers in the District - Non-Teaching Duties/Teacher Aides Memo
02/07/18 - We have again worked with WIVB/WNLO to air Black History Month T.V. spots - Black History Month TV Spots Memo
02/02/18 - The District is once again intent on setting teacher against teacher, parents against teachers and parents against parents - District Attempts to Divide and Conquer Memo
01/29/18 - We are in receipt of the recent “Important Notice” from the District stating that they have been advised that certain services provided under the elective cosmetic surgery rider - District Correspondence – Tax on Cosmetic Surgery Memo
01/16/18 - Buffalo Public Schools have received over 1800 students in the past few months from Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria.  Most of these children came to Buffalo with very little. - Donations Needed for Children from Puerto Rico Memo
01/12/18 - We have received requests that the BTF withdraw its support for the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization (B.P.T.O.) based upon the negative comments relating to teachers at City Honors - Parent Comment Against City Honors Teachers Memo
01/03/18 - After serious concerns and an untimely and unnerving correspondence to retired teachers from BlueCross BlueShield of WNY - Investigation of Recent BlueCross BlueShield Problems for Retirees Memo
12/20/17 - We are beginning to receive reports that teachers are being told to change their SLO targets and/or grades - Teachers Being Told to Alter Targets, SLO’s, and/or Student Grades Memo
11/09/17 - After many years of litigation, we have finally forced the District to implement a law that we had passed that provides more job security for many of our temporary teachers. The legislation is referred to as the Replacement Teacher Pool. New Job Security for Temporary Teachers Memo
10/30/17 - Since this is a BTF negotiated petty cash fund for teachers, teachers have determined how said funds are allocated - BTF Negotiated Petty Cash Fund Memo
10/18/17 - In a continuing effort to advise you of rights you have of which you may be unaware - Know Your Contract – School Files & Non-Teaching Duties Memo
10/17/17 - Here is the amazing “Vote No!” video that we commissioned. Yes, the rapper and video producer identified are Buffalo teachers. I’m sure you agree; they did a fantastic job. Thank you, Jeff and Keith - “Vote No” Video/Rap Disaster Relief Memo
10/11/17 - We still have “Vote No” bumper stickers and personal stickers in addition to the ones distributed for teachers at the Council of Delegates meeting - "VOTE NO" Materials Memo
10/10/17 - This is a copy of my response to a recent Buffalo News “Editorial” - Response to Buffalo News Editorial Memo
10/06/17 - We have been advised that some building administrators are attempting to circumvent the use of the District’s data input system (Infinite Campus) to report behavior referrals (student discipline) - Administrators Interfering with Student Behavior Referrals Memo
10/06/17 - We have been advised that some principals have told their teachers that they should not submit (input) behavior referrals into Infinite Campus - Administrators Disregard for Disciplinary Protocol Memo to Dr. Cash
10/04/17 - Thank you for your responses relating to late buses. Some schools have not included the scheduled arrival times - Late Buses Memo
09/27/17 - We continue to hear complaints relating to buses arriving very late to pick up students - Late Buses Memo