Bereavement Days Q & A

Below, please find the most Frequently Asked Question regarding Bereavement Days under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.



Q: When can a teacher use bereavement days?

A: Teachers may take up to 5 working days at full pay with no deduction from sick or personal time for a death in the teacher’s immediate family if the death occurs during the regular school year. (Article XXXI).


Q: What constitutes “immediate family”?

A: Immediate Family means a teacher’s parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, husband, wife, parent of husband or wife, or any relative permanently residing in the personal household in which employee resides. (Article III).


Q: What if the death in the teacher’s immediate family does not occur during the regular school year (the first day teachers report until the last day teachers must report to school)?

A: A death of an immediate family member during the summer months and/or outside of the regular school year does not qualify the teacher to any bereavement leave except when services are scheduled for a later date, estate closings are delayed, etc.


Q: Do the 5 days of bereavement leave need to be used consecutively?

A: No. The bereavement days do not need to be used consecutively. However, the teacher must provide adequate documentation and information to the District if the days are not taken consecutively. For example, if there is a memorial scheduled further out from the death, bereavement days can be taken at that time with proper documentation.


Q: What time can a teacher take if the death is not a person in the teacher’s immediate family?

A: A teacher can use 2 days of their personal leave with approval of their administrator for funeral of friend or relative. If the teacher is out of personal days, they can use their sick days with approval. (Article XXIX).