TOSA Positions and Reductions-in-Force FAQ

If you are a teacher on special assignment (TOSA) and are facing a reduction-in-force, the following guidelines would apply:



Q: What if there are two or more TOSA positions with the same title and there is a reduction?


A: The more senior TOSA has the right to the title, using BTF Contractual Seniority..



Q: What if a TOSA position is reduced?


A: As long as the TOSA has payroll location rights to a position within their tenure area in the building, and is more senior than the least senior teacher in that tenure area, they will retain a position in the building within their tenure area.



Q: What if a TOSA has the least seniority in a tenure area within a building and there is a reduction other than the TOSA position in that tenure area?


A: The TOSA would be reduced and the least senior teacher in that tenure area would also be reduced. The newly-open TOSA position would be posted and filled subject to the interview process.


Example: Gregory is a TOSA with an elementary school as his payroll school. Gregory’s tenure area is in Elementary Education. That school has four elementary education teachers: Henry, Ingrid, James, and Kelsey.


The teachers have the following BTF Contractual Seniority (total years employed by Buffalo Public Schools since probationary appointment):

*  Gregory – 3 years

*  Henry – 19 years

*  Ingrid – 13 years

*  James - 9 years

*  Kelsey – 4 years


The school needs to reduce one elementary education position. Gregory is a TOSA but has the lowest BTF Contractual Seniority. Gregory is reduced out of the TOSA position and out of the school. However, because the school still needs to reduce an elementary education position, Kelsey is also reduced out of the building. The TOSA position is vacant. Gregory will need to re-interview for the TOSA position.


Q: What if a TOSA position is reduced and the TOSA is not on the school’s payroll, and is instead assigned to City Hall?


A:  The TOSA does not have the right to remain at a particular school, but instead would automatically be included in the transfer process.