Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          October 8, 2020


Subject:     Updates

We have still not received a proposed delineated re-opening plan from the District, e.g. when, where, what, how, who, etc.


The District Re-Opening Committee is meeting on Monday, October 19, 2020. They have apparently been told that they should not expect a date for the start of hybrid re-opening.


We will continue to work to ensure that our schools are, and remain safe for us now and our students and staff when students return.

BTF Legal Actions

  • We are appealing Judge Sedita’s refusal to prevent teachers from being required to enter schools that have not been properly sanitized.
  • We have filed an Improper Practice Charge (IP) against the District for basically telling teachers, you are not important. We don’t need to follow the contract and hear grievances when required to do so.
  • Grievances have been filed re:
    • Duplicate Lesson Plans.
    • Multiple student attendance reports.
    • Special Education – Unacceptable lengthy reporting/documentation. Note: We believe this has now been corrected.
    • District administrators requiring access to teachers’ Schoology accounts.
    • District’s refusal to allow access to Wi-Fi hot spots for teachers without internet access at home.
    • District directive to principals to not share building safety information (COVID-19) with teachers.
    • Excessive duties assigned to teachers while teaching remotely.


New York State Refusal to Allow Instruction
New York State has been preventing instruction for students receiving virtual instruction only (no personal contact), if they had not received required immunizations. This has obviously impacted mostly on our immigrant students whose parents haven’t been able to schedule immunization appointments or who had no knowledge of the problem.


This has impacted mostly on the lower grades but also on some high school students.
We brought this to NYSUT.


These parents want their children immunized, but haven’t been able to have it done. In many cases, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to obtain the immunizations.


The New York State Department of Health, in recognition, has extended the date for students learning “exclusively remotely” to be immunized, to November 12, 2020.

Needed Equipment/Supplies
Our contract requires that you are provided with the equipment and supplies you need (see pg. 21-22 and pg. 2, lines 8-14).


If you need supplies, equipment, etc., you should request whatever you need via email to your principal. Keep a copy. If you are turned down, advise your LRS. We will check and then grieve it.


We have been informed that teachers needing a second monitor for demonstrating lessons should request one by putting in a request to “Team Dynamic”, located on the Buffalo Public Schools website under Staff Resources. They will be distributed on a first come first served basis.


If they are not available you should still continue your request.

More COVID-19 Physical/Cognitive Harm
In reference to questions relating to statements I have made relating to COVID-19 brain damage, please see this article (Click Here).

Please stay well. Take no chances.