Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          April 19, 2021


Subject:     Updates, COVID-19, Negotiations, Etc.

Thank you for keeping us informed of the COVID-19 issues in your school/site. We are forwarding them to the Superintendent, Board, parent organizations and when necessary, to the media.


Teachers, who are also under great stress, want to be back with their students; however, we must continue to ensure that it is and remains safe for all.


Much has been said about the confirmed cases not occurring in schools. First, most of our students aren’t in school. Second, what if the over 300 identified students had been in schools?


Together we can and will ensure that our students are back and that the conditions are and remain safe for all. To follow the daily District Log of COVID-19 cases, Click Here.


If they are not correct contact your LRS (Click Here) and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As you know, the BTF, District and Mediator, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the severe financial problems of the District, all agreed to put negotiations on hold until conditions improved.


The date agreed upon was April 14, 2021.


The District and PERB-appointed mediator have been informed that the BTF is ready to resume negotiations as soon as the mediator and the District can schedule meetings.


Obviously, in light of the historic State and Federal resources, that are just now and will in the future be available, our decision to pause negotiations was correct. We now have far greater resources available than we had previously.


As you know, the BTF has, with NYSUT and our legislators, been fighting to restore what is called Foundation Aid.


Foundation Aid is the aid that was to come to school districts as a result of New York State being found guilty of violating its constitution by not providing all students with “a sound basic education”.


We have continued to point out and to fight for (to all in government – yes, also the governor), that our students have been deprived of over millions of dollars in Foundation Aid.


We have also continued to support Michael Rebell, lead attorney in the first case, on a current case.


The funding formula will now be phased in: 50% year 1, 75% year 2 and 100% year 3.


We are working with NYSUT to clarify how the Federal Funding can also be used.


As we have always said, with your continued solidarity, we will achieve a contract that reflects your dedication and commitment to our students and to each other, one not just comparable to surrounding districts, but superior to them.


You deserve and will receive nothing less.


Stay tuned.

Scholarships Available
Scholarships funded by a BTF settlement, earmarked first for the children of Buffalo teachers, are being administered by The Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo.


Scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year will be awarded this spring.


Students who currently are high school seniors or are already enrolled in an accredited program are encouraged to apply.


Money is allocated first for the children of Buffalo Teachers. Awards range from $1000-$6000.


The application process opened on January 1st and closes May 1st.


To apply, visit and click on the ‘Scholarships’ tab. You also may call the CFGB at 852-2857.


Please stay well, take no chances.