Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          May 18, 2021


Subject:     Updates

The latest correspondence from the District indicates that there is no change, at this time, in relation to the wearing of masks in the B.P.S. (Click Here)


Note: The BTF masks that we ordered from a USA vendor have finally arrived and will be sent to schools/sites! The insert refills are very reasonable and available from local stores and Amazon.

While we all hope they will be unnecessary soon, please wear them with pride.

Once in the schools/sites, we will set a day for all, who wish, to wear them as a demonstration of our caring, pride, and solidarity.

B.P.S. Data Breach
As per our last correspondence (Click Here), we will be seeking damages and District payment for the services of Kroll.

We know that the District has put out what we consider incomplete information. We will be working with our NYSUT staff and attorneys, and parents to pursue legal action with the N.Y.S. Attorney General and others.

Use of Federal Funding
We will be presenting a resolution reflecting the important future planning for the use of the over $40,000,000 as per our May 11, 2021 correspondence to you and the District (Click Here) as well as other critical issues. Part of the resolution will call for us to work with parents to have the use of these funds be approved by the school Site-Based Management Teams (SBMTs)

Building Elections
Since teachers are now in buildings, packets describing the procedures for electing building Delegates,Alternates, and Building Committee members are being sent to all Delegate Chairs. Now that teachers are back in school, the elections will be done using the standard procedures. Please look for a notice of your building’s election where BTF information is normally posted. The term of office of the new Delegates, Alternates, and Building Committee members will begin with the Council of Delegates meeting on June 17, 2021 and end with the close of the school day on the day of the June 2022 Council meeting.

BTF Award
Each year, the BTF presents a certificate to an outstanding student in grades 8 and 12. The form for the 2021 BTF Outstanding Award has been emailed to each Delegate Chair. If your school did not receive the notice, please call the BTF at 881-5400.

Please stay well. Take no chances.