Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          July 2, 2021


Subject:     Updates

Teacher Transfers
We are going into arbitration regarding teachers being required to meet with principals prior to being transferred to a school.

Regardless, teachers have a right to transfer to a school based upon their contractual rights if they so choose.
If you encounter problems, contact your LRS. (Click Here).

Transfers are covered on pages 30-33. The contract is also on the BTF website,

If you have lost your hard copy, call the BTF (716) 881-5400 and we will mail you one.


Summer School
If you encounter problems, please contact your LRS. While much time and effort has gone into the programs, we expect that there will be problems. We are here to help. Remember, summer school positions are first based on summer school seniority. See pages 24-25 of the BTF contract.


Extended Pay
For those who have signed up for the BTF Extended Pay Plan, the checks will be mailed as follows:

  • one (1) check – July 16, 2021
  • two (2) checks – July 16 and August 13, 2021
  • four (4) checks – July 16, July 30, August 13 and August 27, 2021


For those who have signed up for direct deposit, these are the dates of the deposits. Some banks take a while to post deposits.

If there is a general problem, we will notify all teachers.

If, after a reasonable time, you have not received your payment, call the BTF. Too often teachers have moved and we don’t have their correct address. If you have moved, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Mayor’s/India Walton's Statements to Reporter
Many teachers have called to express their concern relating to Mayor Brown calling a reporter, who was asking questions at a press conference, a racist.

In response, here is a copy (Click Here). The reporter asking the questions, who was called a racist, is James Heaney of the Investigative Post.

Some teachers have also expressed concerns about statements India Walton has made, e.g. “This is not about making India Walton Mayor of Buffalo”. “This is about building the infrastructure to challenge every damn seat”, instead of her calling for all to come together to work together.

The BTF has made no endorsement in the November Mayoral race or other elections.

Whether to endorse or make no endorsement in these races usually occurs in September or October.

The process is – interviews and recommendations from the Political Action Committee to the Executive Committee and a final decision by the Council of Delegates.


Teachers will be notified of the schedule.

Unemployment Insurance
If you believe that you might not have a position in September, you should apply for unemployment insurance. Please remember that temporary teachers should be rehired each year by the Board if positions are available. Some temporary teachers, in previous summers, have received a certified letter from the District that indicates, in part, that it expects to be able to employ you next year. This letter is sometimes referred to as a “reasonable assurance letter”.

In the past, this letter has been used by the District in an attempt to prevent temporary teachers, who might be eligible for unemployment insurance, from receiving unemployment benefits. If you receive such a letter, and believe you will probably not be rehired, fax a copy to BTF at 881-6678, and apply for unemployment insurance.

If you apply for unemployment compensation benefits, believe you are eligible, and are turned down, appeal the determination, ask for a hearing and continue to report. List the BTF as your representative. Call us when you receive notice of a hearing date.

If you receive benefits and you are subsequently found to be ineligible, benefits are not recoverable unless you withheld information. A question asked is “Have you received any verbal or written POSSIBILITY of a job in September?” If you have received the “reasonable assurance letter” and you answer the question with a “no”, you are considered to be withholding information. Also, you will be withholding information if you subsequently receive the “reasonable assurance letter” and do not report this fact to the Unemployment Office. If you have additional questions, please call your Labor Relations Specialist at the BTF.


Please stay well. Take no chances.