Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          October 18, 2021


Subject:     COVID Boosters - Updates

COVID Boosters – Release Time
Although teachers have advised us that they are being denied four (4) hours of “paid leave” to obtain “booster shots”, we have advised the District that this is a violation of the law.


Enclosed, please find a copy of the document that we sent to the District. Page two (2) has the relevant section; however, the other sections also have important information. (Click Here)


If you are denied “paid leave” to obtain your “booster shot”, please advise your LRS (Click Here). You might want to show this to your administrator.

* We received notification from our friend Michael Rebell and his associates at the Center for Educational Equity that they have now reached an agreement with New York State and the Courts that will require New York State to provide what is called Foundation Aid education payments, as was publicized, i.e. 50% of what is due for the 2021-2022 school year, 75% 2022-2023 and 100% 2023-2024. ($4.2 billion by 2023-2024)


The critical part is that, unlike previously, the case is on hold with the courts. If the State follows through, the case will be dismissed. If not, the plaintiffs will be able to seek an expedited trial to secure the promised funding.

We finally have the courts, unlike in the past, retaining jurisdiction to ensure that our funding will increase at what was agreed to.


Even after three years, if the State shortchanges us, we will go back to court.


The development is obviously important to the District and our negotiations.


Until now the District could say, as in the past, the State could stop its funding increase with impunity because the courts had not retained jurisdiction. Not now, however. The courts have consistently ruled in our favor.


* As you know, the next important information we will be using to complete our financial analysis is what is called the District’s ST-3. It must be filed with New York State by October 31, 2021.


While we all wanted a contract in place much sooner, we are in a far better position now.


We will not jump into a contract just to have it done.


You deserve more… no, very, very, much more.


Students with Disabilities – Incorrect Placement
We are receiving serious concerns relating to the improper/harmful placement of students with serious disabilities, some of whom should receive more intensive care from an outside agency.


The District has advised some teachers that the agencies have no vacancy.


We’ll be checking on whether it’s just Buffalo students for whom there is no vacancy.


We need to know the extent of the problem. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following:

Your name, grade, school, student(s) exhibiting serious disabilities who need more intense assistance (including their behavioral problems).


We will take whatever actions are necessary to secure the services these students need and deserve.


NOTE: This is also impacting negatively on the other students.


Please stay well. Take no chances