Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          November 16, 2021


Subject:     Updates 11/18/2021

BTF COVID-19 Survey
Thus far, 1242 teachers have already responded to our BTF COVID-19 Position Survey.

As of today:

5. I support mandated COVID-19 vaccination of teachers/staff with religious and/or an individual's doctor-supported physical exemption.

  • Agree 52.69%
  • Disagree 34.24%
  • No Position 12.06%

6. I do not support mandating COVID-19 vaccination of teachers/staff as it is a violation of a person's individual and/or constitutional rights.

  • Agree 37.5%
  • Disagree 50.70%
  • No Position 11.95%

7. I support the mandated wearing of masks by teachers/staff in school.

  • Agree 62.29%
  • Disagree 29.01%
  • No Position 8.70%

8. I do not support mandating the wearing of masks by teachers as it is a violation of a person's individual and/or constitutional rights.

  • Agree 27.45%
  • Disagree 60.14%
  • No Position 12.41%

9. I support mandatory COVID-19 testing for teachers who have not provided proof of vaccination.

  • Agree 65.19%
  • Disagree 26.71%
  • No Position 8.11%

10. I do not support mandatory COVID-19 testing of teachers who have not provided proof of vaccination as it is a violation of a person's individual and/or constitutional rights.

  • Agree 28.21%
  • Disagree 62.01%
  • No Position 9.78%


Please take a few minutes to complete our survey, as we would like to have as many teachers as possible respond to ensure that all voices are heard. (For Survey Link, Please Refer to Email)


From all reports, Buffalo teachers, while having some disagreements with positions taken by colleagues, continue to rise above noise and angry confrontations.


There are discussions and conversations in an attempt to understand each other’s position without confrontation and anger.


No surprise here… that’s who we are.

Contract Negotiations
NYSUT/District representatives were in communication to discuss the District’s salary compression calculations. Once we hear from our NYSUT analyst we will both contact the PERB mediator to schedule a date to resume negotiations.


We have completed our analysis of the District’s financial position. It is excellent.

Concurrent/Simultaneous – Virtual Non-Instruction
Our next concurrent/simultaneous non-instruction negotiations session with the District will be this Friday, November 12, 2021.


The District is to respond to our proposals at that time, e.g. no simultaneous/virtual non-­instruction.

COVID-19 Testing Mandate
We have filed a Demand to Negotiate the impact of the COVID-19 testing mandate, e.g. free to teachers, available at schools, available any time during the day, etc.


We are in the process of setting up dates as soon as possible.


We have already been in contact with the District on these issues.

Free Music Passes for Buffalo High School Students
Free BPO Symphony Hall Passes will be made available to Buffalo students.


Flyers will be sent to all schools including PreK-8 as many Buffalo teachers have children who are Buffalo students. They are available for other students at a cost of $29.


We thank the sponsors George and Bodil Gellman for their generosity.


Posters are going out to the schools this week via the PONY.


Please stay well. Take no chances.