Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          January 3, 2020


Subject:     Safety Concerns/Negotiations

Hopefully, your winter recess provided time to safely enjoy time with your family and friends.


As we begin the new year, we do so with the commitment that we not only care about the education of our students, but also about their, the parents’, the staffs’ and our community’s safety and well-being.


We have already notified the Superintendent of the concerns you have raised thus far:

  • The lack of testing for all staff
  • The lack of tests in the buildings
  • Students and some adults not wearing masks
  • The lack of N-95 masks
  • The lack of contact tracing
  • The lack of sanitizing in some buildings
  • Students being sent back to class untested

To name a few.


Please continue to forward your safety concerns to us. They will be forwarded to the Superintendent and appropriate District staff… and if not corrected, to the media.


Please send your concerns to your LRS (click here) and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If after a reasonable time they have not been corrected, please re-contact us to advise us that they have not been corrected.


As per our demand to negotiate safety conditions, we will be meeting with the District’s team on Friday, January 7, 2022. We have advised them that we will work with them to ensure that testing is available to all teachers, not just some, i.e. “pool testing” and to provide funding and regulations to ensure safety in our schools.


Contract Negotiations
Our next contract negotiation dates are January 6, 11, 14, 20, 25 and 26, 2022


As per our last correspondence to you, all but January 11, 2022 will be without the mediator. We agree that this will facilitate reaching a new contract.


Stay Tuned.


Please stay well. Take no chances