Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          January 19, 2022


Subject:     Updates

Snow Days
The current school calendar includes four (4) “snow days”, days when students are not in attendance. Today does not count as a “snow day” as student instruction is taking place.


Should the number of days of required student attendance fall below the minimum required for state aid, the District agrees that it will first use Superintendent’s days not designated as exam grading days as make-up days if possible. If additional make-up days are necessary, the District will then use spring recess as make-up days and only if absolutely necessary to comply with NYS Law and NYSED Regulations (from MOU).


Thus far, we have apparently used three (3) “snow days”. We are unsure of the designation for the day before Thanksgiving. There is the possibility of using the two (2) Superintendents Conference days. We will work with the District and State to prevent the loss of recess days.


The many side streets in Buffalo are still clogged with snow and vehicles.


Snow banks are over four (4) feet in many places, clearly a hazard, especially for our students.


The correct action was taken in having students taught virtually.

School Safety
The BTF Council of Delegates passed the attached motion unanimously. (Click Here)


As you can see, it calls for action on many of the critical school safety issues. The resolution will be forwarded to those mentioned on it.


We will be surveying schools to see if the District is cooperating with us.

We are scheduled to meet at City Hall tomorrow with our and the District’s financial experts. We, while there may be some differences, will clarify our understanding of the District’s financial position.


We will be exchanging some financial/salary proposals to get a start on what is obviously a major issue.


Some issues:

  • Salaries based on the average of the “Big 5” (excluding Buffalo)
  • Reduction of Steps
  • Salaries increased by Consumer Price Index
  • Increase BS and MS beyond +30
        and many more.

School Safety/Security Officers
We are continuing to hear of the lack of security officers in schools. With all the violence via social media, etc., we can’t take chances.


Please notify your LRS (Click Here) and BTF This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of security issues.


If there is no improvement within a reasonable time, re-notify us.

2021 Union Dues
For tax purposes, the breakdown of union dues paid is available (Click Here). Note that BTF dues have not increased since the 2018-2019 school year.