Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          May 9, 2022


Subject:     Updates

As per our last update, we have received a new District contract proposal. While it is not near what we expect, there was movement.


Its financial aspects are being evaluated.


On May 6, 2022, we submitted a counter contract proposal that, once again, reflects Buffalo teachers’ dedication and commitment to our students.


They are to respond today.


Our next sessions are scheduled for May 16 and 20, 2022.


School Safety
We will continue to survey the safety/disruptive conditions in our schools.


The Superintendent has indicated that she will take action to correct problems.


The results of the “School Safety Survey” will be sent to the Superintendent, Board and of course, you.


As always, teachers’ names and identifying sections will be removed.


Please complete the “School Safety Survey” as soon as possible. If you can, by May 16, 2022.


Thank you. (Click Here)


Legal Action Against BTF and District
As you may have read in The Buffalo News, a Buffalo teacher has taken legal action against the BTF, NYSUT and the Buffalo School District.


The issue is whether it is constitutional to “deduct and accepted and continue to accept union dues or fees from Plaintiff’s wages without providing her any meaningful notice or opportunity to object to the ongoing deductions, to the process by which the money was and is deducted, or to the ways her money was used and is being used.”


The membership document that NYSUT provides for new members states, “I understand that this authorization and assignment is not a condition of my employment and shall remain in effect, regardless of whether I am or remain a member of the union, for a period of one year from the date of this authorization and shall automatically renew from year to year unless I revoke this authorization by sending a written, signed notice of revocation via U.S. mail to the union between the window period of August 1-31 or another window period specified in a collective bargaining agreement.”

NYSUT has advised us that similar legal actions have been commenced across New York State. A law firm in Pennsylvania is handling many of these cases.


Please be advised that the Labor Relations Specialist cited in the complaint has many emails showing that she (and other staff members) worked very hard to assist the teacher, as she does for all teachers.


This, as were the last legal actions, is apparently an attempt to weaken unions. It will play out in courts.


While we may agree or disagree on an issue, we as teachers, respect the rights of others.