Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          June 10, 2022


Subject:     Negotiations Update

Another Slap in the Face to Buffalo Teachers
The District today, again, refused to provide a counter proposal to our May 6, 2022 salary proposal.
As you know, we have already filed an Improper Practice charge against the District.


In light of the District’s continued insults, the following motion will be made at our next (June 13, 2022) Council of Delegates meeting.


MOVED: “That the BTF Council of Delegates authorizes the BTF Executive Committee to take the actions necessary to ensure that a new contract is provided for a vote of teachers prior to June 30, 2022.”


MOVED: Philip Rumore, President SECOND: Rebecca Pordum, Vice-President


e.g. Picketing Superintendent, Board Members, District Negotiating team houses.


Note: As per our attorneys, the threat of an illegal action (strike) has serious consequences.


Also, you should not use the District email for any such threats. Remember, the District has access to those emails.


We will forward more on the legal issues on Monday. Please be careful, especially if you are an elected representative.