Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          June 14, 2022


Subject:     Update - June 14, 2022

The Council of Delegates passed the following motion unanimously.


MOVED: That the BTF Council of Delegates authorizes the BTF Executive Committee to take the actions necessary to ensure that a new contract is provided for a vote of teachers prior to June 30, 2022.


MOVED: Philip Rumore, President SECOND: Rebecca Pordum, Vice-President

Possible Actions:

  • Picket Superintendent and Board Members’ homes
  • Media Ads
  • Others to Come


Legal advice from BTF attorneys. (Click Here)


You should know that as per the Council of Delegates meeting, teachers at a school, who, after violent fights after school, were out the next day, were charged with striking and found guilty because some had a meeting after school and discussed calling in sick. The Delegate Chair and BTF advised them that they might have to present a doctor’s note and that there should be no group actions.


We are still challenging this in court.


Please be careful what you write. Remember, the District has access to messages sent via the District email system.


Yes, we have filed Improper Practice charges against the District for delaying negotiations, have been working with PERB, gone through the pandemic, worked through a change in Superintendents, etc.


Yes, we now have millions more to fund a contract than when we began negotiations, thanks to our efforts in Albany and Washington, DC.


No more delays.
No more second-class status.


A new contract now that reflects the commitment and dedication of Buffalo teachers.


Note: The PERB mediator has set June 23, 2022 as the first date he is available to meet. We have advised him that we will be there.


New York State is one of the only states where a teachers’ strike is illegal, resulting in 2 for 1 penalties and other legal actions. One plus, the current contract stays in place unless a strike is called.

LRS Opening
We congratulate Matt Kibler on securing a position with NYSUT to represent Higher Education in Western New York.


He will be missed as he worked tirelessly on your behalf.


If you are interested in applying, see the attached posting (Click Here).


Note: As per the BTF contract:

“E. Federation Leave
(1) Upon application, the Board shall grant to a maximum of twelve (12) probationary or contract teachers, leaves of absence without pay on a year-to-year basis for the purpose of service on the staff of the Federation or its affiliates. Upon return from such leave the teacher shall be granted up to four (4) years of increment credit.”


We have no teachers on this leave of absence.

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Professional Learning Team - Needs Assessment
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