Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          June 23, 2022


Subject:     Negotiations Update

As expected, at negotiations today (June 23, 2022) with the PERB mediator, the District requested that PERB appoint what is referred to as a Fact-Finder. Correspondence from the District requesting a Fact-Finder is being sent to the PERB Director of Conciliation.


We agreed to participate.


An overview of a Fact-Finder prepared by our Labor Relations Specialists (LRS) can be found here (Click Here).


We will keep you informed as we are advised of the details.


Remember, the recommendations of the Fact-Finder are not binding on either side.


Healthcare for Retirees
There seems to be some confusion relating to Medicare coverage for retirees.


In many cases, Medicare only pays a percentage of the costs.


For example, if, as in too many later in life health care problems, the cost of medical attention is $100,000 and Medicare pays eighty percent (80%), the individual would be responsible for $20,000. The Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance retirees have would cover most of the additional $20,000.


This could vary by the frequency and cost.


The raising of the age to retire that occurred with the later tiers is currently being worked on with the legislature to be reduced.