Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          August 16, 2022


Subject:    Updates - August 16, 2022


  • We are awaiting a response from PERB relating to our correspondence relating to the timeline for the appointment of a Fact-Finder.
  • We have been informed that there may be a significant increase in education funding that was not anticipated. Funding that we (BTF/NYSUT/NEA/AFT) were instrumental in securing. It is apparently the results of factoring in a COLA/Inflation factor.


Obviously, it is in our interest to determine if this is correct. We should have that information later this week.

  • We have been seeing good media coverage of the teacher shortage. The latest being Sunday in The Buffalo News.
  • My interview with Channel 4 is to air tonight (August 16, 2022).


For those who have texted that we should go on strike now and want to know what happens to us if we do:

  • The current contract that we are working under is null & void. It is in effect until a new one is in place or a strike takes place. This puts the District in a better negotiating position
  • Teachers are docked two (2) days’ pay for each day on strike.
  • The BTF/NYSUT/NEA/AFT lose the ability to collect dues for as long as a court decides
  • The BTF is fined heavily


Yes, we have gone on strike before

Yes, I have no concern about going to jail again for calling a strike.

A strike is an action taken when there is little or no hope for a settlement.

We are not there yet.


Why is the District delaying negotiations and submitting divisive proposals? To set teacher against teacher and teachers against BTF. That has never worked. Regardless of the District’s divisive tactics, we are and will remain united.


District Demand for Personal "Dependent Eligibility Verification"

We have filed a grievance on this and requested a legal opinion from NYSUT. (Tax forms, Birth Certificate to a third party, etc.)!?


New Labor Relation Specialist

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