Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          August 25, 2022


Subject:    Solidarity Picketing / Special Board Meeting

We have just learned that there will be a Special Board of Education Meeting:

DATE:   August 31, 2022
TIME:   4:00 pm
  Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (See Below)
  450 Masten Avenue Buffalo, NY 14209


It will apparently be to ratify the Engineers’ contract.


While this is very short notice and we know many are still at work, if you can make it with a sign, thank you.


We are still suggesting school /site picketing this Friday, September 2, 2022.


School/Site Picketing Date Change

Based on concerns relating to picketing on the first day of student attendance and the usual confusion, (which will probably be worse this year), we are suggesting beginning school/site “pre-entry” picketing on Friday September 9, 2022 instead of Tuesday September 6, 2022.


Next Rally

We will plan for a solidarity rally before the next regular Board Meeting.


DATE:   September 21, 2022
TIME:   4:00 pm - Meeting starts at 5:30
    We will attend the meeting – I will address the Superintendent and Board
PLACE:   Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (See Below)
  450 Masten Avenue Buffalo, NY 14209


Solidarity Day – Fridays

We encourage teachers to wear BTF identification often, and as always, on Fridays, everyone should be wearing something with the BTF logo. If you need additional BTF logo “stickers”, Delegate Chairs please advise us of the number you will need. You can pick some up or we will put them in the Pony to you. Shirts, etc. are available at BTF headquarters.



Picket Signs

Thank you to the Delegate Chairs who have already picked up signs for your school. Many are here awaiting a pick up. If you have not had a chance to schedule a pick up, please email Hazel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



We will be submitting our issues to the Fact-Finder this week unless issues arise. They will not be shared with the District until October 7, 2022. That is when they are due. Unlike the District, we are ready for Fact-Finding now.


We have just received a response from the District re: resuming negotiations on issues we believe can be resolved prior to a Fact-Finder’s Report.


Once again thank you, for on very short notice, turning out for our Rally. The District was taken aback.


Well Done!


Stay Tuned.