Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          September 2, 2022


Subject:    You Sent the Message - Now They Must Listen

As always, Buffalo teachers demonstrated solidarity second to none! Thousands of teachers picketed together at their schools throughout the District, demonstrating their anger with the Superintendent and Board for allowing negotiations to be stalled for over three years, being provided with insulting and demeaning contract offers and, in short, showing disrespect for your dedication and commitment to your students, while all other school Districts, in their negotiations, show their commitment to and respect for their teachers. One principal we know of provided water and donuts for the teachers at his school!!


We will advise you as to when the District agrees to resume negotiations with the mediator and keep you updated.


While the district, who while calling for Fact-Finding, has been in negotiations for three years, has refused to commence Fact-Finding until into October!, we will be submitting our issues to the Fact-Finder on Tuesday September 6, 2022. He will keep them private.


As per our August 8, 2022 email to you, our next “before school” picketing at each school will be September 9, 2022.


Note: Due to many teachers’ concerns, we are not scheduling a “before school” picket on September 6, 2022, the first day with students.


Tentative Timeline (From August 8, 2022 email)

  1. The Naming of the Fact-Finder
    1. Superintendent, Board members and Media sent:
      • Contrasts – Buffalo teachers’ salaries, steps, lifetime earnings with Big 5 and local districts, COLA etc.
      • Buffalo/Nationwide Teacher shortage
      • Healthcare/Teaching conditions
      Note: according to NYSUT RE: our last media buy: Buffalo News views 114,000; Social media (politicians, etc.) 101,000
    2. Rally - - School Board meeting. If none scheduled, rally at City Hall
  2. Fact-Finding Begins
    1. PERB sets guidelines
    2. Eg. What can be released etc.
  3. Fact-Finder’s Report Issued
    1. Report is made public
    2. BTF takes position – negotiating team, Executive Committee, Council of Delegates vote based on Teachers’ input
    3. Rally—Board Meeting
    4. Negotiations Resume
    5. Picketing of Superintendent and Board Members’ houses (timing here important) - we will see what District’s Position on Fact-Finder’s report is and statements made as negotiations resume.
    6. More media
  4. More Dates/Actions
    1. Teacher set-up day, (September 2nd ) and teachers will also picket on September 9th. Teachers picket together in front of school and enter together. (Signs will be distributed by next week)

We will continue to keep you updated and take additional actions as circumstances unfold.


Stay tuned. Stay ready.