Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          January 4, 2023 


Subject:    Negotiations Update - Highmark BC/BS Coverage 

The BTF negotiating team, including Peter Applebee, our NYSUT Financial Analyst, met with the Fact-Finder and the District’s team.


The Fact-Finder presented both sides with questions on all aspects of negotiations and recorded the answers to his questions.


It was agreed that the District would provide the data on which its calculations were based and other information by Tuesday of next week (January 10, 2023). There would also be conversations between BTF and District financial analysists to attempt to reach consensus on financial issues/cost.


The BTF and District would then provide written submissions to the Fact-Finder on Friday, January 13, 2023.


He will then review them and the information he received today to issue his recommendations for a settlement. He gave no timeline.


Once his non-binding (on either side) recommendations are made, they will be made public.


Each party usually agrees with some and disagrees with others.


We will, of course, send them to all teachers.


We will continue to have informal meetings with the District in an attempt to settle some issues on which we are close to agreement before the report is issued.


We will continue to keep you updated.


Once the report is issued, we will update you on the timing of actions we will take (Picketing, etc.).


Stay tuned, stay strong.

Highmark BC/BS Coverage
We have been advised that some teachers are being denied healthcare services using the new insurance cards that Highmark BC/BS recently sent out. We have been in contact with the District on this matter and they have acknowledged the problem. We are working with the District to remedy the problem as soon as possible and will keep you advised.