Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          January 17, 2023 


Subject:    Negotiations, Highmark BC/BS Problems, Wallet Cards

We submitted our documents to the Fact-Finder on 1/13/2023. It included updated statistics on the District’s excellent current and future financial position.

As you know, the Fact-Finder will review all documents and the information he received at our 1/4/2023 meeting.

The timeline is usually two (2) to three (3) weeks depending on the number of issues. Once it is released:

a) It will be made public and sent to all teachers.
b) We will resume negotiations, usually with a PERB representative.
c) We will schedule pickets, etc.
d) We will schedule an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee and Council of Delegates for appropriate action if serious problems occur.

Our billboards have been ordered. They should go up next week. (Click Here)

We will also be placing ads in local newspapers and on Facebook. We will email State and local leaders etc. (

Lack of Highmark BC/BS Coverage
In addition to the Buffalo Public Schools, many organizations’ members encountered problems (some serious) with their coverage with Highmark BC/BS.

We have been in contact with other organizations, District and non-District, to investigate filing a class action lawsuit against Highmark BC/BS.

In addition, we are asking for a New York State and Federal investigation. (Click Here)

You will be receiving a BTF survey to determine and document the issues. (Stay tuned)

Wallet Cards
The “wallet cards” were distributed at the Council of Delegates meeting and also sent via the “Pony”. Please read it and put it in your wallet or some place readily available. If more are needed, call the BTF.