Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          January 17, 2023 


Subject:    Vote on Fact-Finder’s Report – February 2, 2023 / Thank You Superintendent Williams

There still seems to be some confusion on the rejection of the Fact-Finder’s report.


As was stated previously, we will be resuming negotiations with the District.


Rejecting the Fact-Finder’s report does not mean that some of the recommendations aren’t close to being acceptable. Some are close. As you read the report/recommendations, you will find that, as he said in the beginning, “these recommendations are as proposed by the District”.


As per the request of teachers, here is a copy of the District’s first salary package dealing with 2019-2026. It also includes Healthcare, transfer procedures, coaching, summer hiring, length of school year and scheduling proposals. (Click Here)


Salary 3/17/2022

Healthcare 3/17/2022

• Reduces providers
• 20% Payment (Current teachers and future retirees)
• Removes keeping retiree contributions as they were at retirement
• Removes retiree healthcare for teachers hired after 7/1/2022


Teaching Load and Schedules 3/17/2022

Increases numbers of weeks teachers must work from 42 weeks to 44 weeks.


Increases the teaching load (time) of special area teachers (Art, Music, Physical Education and Foreign Language) who are also teaching elementary students from 240 minutes to 255 minutes.


As you can see, we have made progress from this “proposal”.


This has come as a result of your support through picketing, votes and solidarity.

Now having the Superintendent at the negotiating table has helped.


We are obviously not there yet.


With your continued solidarity and support we will resolve the remaining issues.


Let there be no doubt.


Thank you again to those who have already voted. Let’s have a strong vote to show all that we are united and strong… as always.