Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Rich Nigro, President, BTF

Date:          February 6, 2024


Subject:     School Budgets

There has been much discussion about both the District’s 2024-25 budget as well as school-based budgets. While some administrators have told teachers about potential reductions-in-force within buildings, no decisions have been made at this point. The state budget must be adopted by April 1st. That will determine the amount of education aid BPS receives and will be the driving factor when it comes to staffing.


The BTF leadership will be traveling to Albany in early March to join NYSUT in lobbying the State Legislature for additional aid. Our efforts to secure funding in the past have been successful and we are hopeful that this year will be no different.


We met with District officials yesterday and clarified the long-standing practice of the parties in the event that there are reductions-in-force within buildings. Please note that a reduction-in-force is different from a layoff. In the latter case, there would not be a job available for the teacher anywhere in the District. The District has advised us that layoffs are not expected.


We have prepared detailed guidelines about common questions that may arise regarding reductions-in-force and the distinction between the two different types of seniority (BTF Contractual Seniority and Commissioner’s Seniority). Once we receive the seniority lists from the District (usually by late spring), we will share them with you. Please CLICK HERE to view the information and who may have protection against a reduction-in-force. We will keep you informed as we receive more information about the District’s budget and its potential impacts.