Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Rich Nigro, President, BTF

Date:          January 18, 2024


Subject:     Insurance Waiver Payment

We have received inquiries regarding the insurance waiver paid to teachers who do not take health insurance from the District. There are two distinct types of waiver payments, the Waiver Incentive and the Waiver Pool. With the new contract, they are paid at different rates. Both the Waiver Incentive and Waiver Pool are described in Article XXVI A. (4) of our collective bargaining agreement.


The Waiver Incentive is for teachers who can produce documentation that they “have coverage for healthcare expenses via another source other than the Buffalo Public Schools”. With the new contract, the Waiver incentive rose from $1,200 per year ($100/month) to $3,000 per year ($250/month). Because the parties did not set an effective date during negotiations, the default effective date is the date of the contract’s ratification, April 24, 2023. Therefore, teachers receiving the Waiver Incentive for all of 2023 will receive $100 for each month from January through April and $250 for each month from May through December. This totals $2,400, less applicable taxes.


The Waiver Pool is for married couples where both individuals are employees of the District, though not necessarily both teachers. It was created before the District self-insured and had to purchase policies for each teacher. Teachers who were part of the Pool saved the District money on the cost of policies. Payments to teachers who are part of the Waiver Pool did not change in the new contract and remain at $1,200/year.


If you have any questions, please call the BTF office, which will reopen as soon as schools reopen. Stay safe and warm.