Press Release
For Immediate Release
February 28, 2019


The BTF, today, released a survey of Buffalo teachers at McKinley High School that reveled a very disturbing current assessment of the teaching and learning conditions at McKinley High School.


The “Climate Survey” was sent to each teacher’s home. The completed survey is placed in a “secret ballot” envelope by the teacher and then sealed. The “secret ballot” envelope is then placed into an outer envelope that the teacher signs to ensure the survey was completed by a teacher at McKinley High School. Once received, all the “secreted ballot” envelopes are removed from their outer envelope and placed unopened in a pile. Each “secret ballot” envelope is then opened, individually, so that on one could know who completed each survey.


The anonymous results and comments are then tabulated by a BTF secretary.


“Despite the fact that 94% of the teachers reported that they couldn’t “voice concerns without fear of reprisals from the principal” and were heard saying, that even though the survey was anonymous, they were concerned and chose to not complete it. The results of those who completed it are very disturbing.” stated Phil Rumore, President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation.


The BTF focused on several disturbing responses:


Learning Environment
90% Answered Poor and Non-Existent (80% Poor + 10% Non-Existent)
Administrative Leadership
92% Answered Poor and Non-Existent (72% Poor + 10% Non-Existent)
Staff Moral
86% Answered Low and Very Low (81% Low + 5% Very Low)
5%     95% There are clear and consistent procedures/policies in place relating to student behavior.
6%     94%
Clear and consistent rules/policies are followed by the administration when dealing with student misconduct.
Actions taken in response to student behavior referrals are appropriate and consistent.
Actions taken in response to student behavior referrals are taken in a timely fashion.
Teachers are concerned for the safety of the students at the school.
There is detention or similar consequences for students who are continually late for school.
Teachers feel that their concerns are addressed professionally.
6%       94%   Teachers feel that they can voice concerns without fear of reprisal from the principal.
14%        86%   A good working atmosphere exists in the school.
3%       97%   Teachers are informed in a timely manner of administration response to student behavior referrals.
27%       73%   The principal is visible in the building and assists with supervision (in hallways, at buses, in lunchrooms).
80%       20%   Teachers are in constant fear of retributions from principal.
13%       87%   The principal considers the impact of dealing with a large ELL/ESL/Special Education tracking student achievement.