Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 27, 2019


The BTF today, in addition to having filed a Declaration of Impasse between the BTF and the Buffalo School District, filed an Improper Practice Charge with the NYS Public Employment Board for failure to bargain in good faith.


“We have attempted to begin negotiations since April 2, 2019, yet, the District has not even responded with a date to complete negotiations on the ground rules and contract proposals.


Indeed, at our first meeting on April 2, the District unequivocally and adamantly refused to consider a critical ground rule establishing negotiating sessions that states “the parties will schedule, in advance, a minimum of two tentative negotiating sessions with agreed time limits” (emphasis added)!! stated Philip Rumore, President, BTF.


Since April 2, 2019, the has attempted to resume negotiations (see attached Improper Practice and Exhibit C).


“Incredibly, in response to our August 12, 2019 request to resume negotiations, we, on August 15, 2019, were informed by Nate Kuzma, the District’s General Counsel and negotiations spokesperson, “Please let Phil know that we have a couple of team members out on vacation until early next week. Once they return, I will discuss the dates with them and respond to Phil” (emphasis added).


 “As of today, August 27, 2019, we still have no suggested dates. They have had since April 2, 2019 to coordinate dates for negotiations”, Rumore concluded.



Click Here to view a Copy of the I.P. Charge