Press Release
For Immediate Release
September 16, 2020


The Buffalo Teachers Federation today accused the Buffalo School District of attempting to prevent the teachers and the public from obtaining information relating to the Health and Safety conditions in the Schools during the Coronavirus pandemic.
The BTF has sent a “BTF School/Site Health and Safety Assessment” to each Buffalo District school/site asking teachers to obtain and provide information relating to the health and safety conditions in each school (attached). The survey is to determine the health and safety conditions now and for when students return.
The BTF is presently in court seeking an injunction to prevent teachers and students from having to report to unsafe buildings until an impartial arbitrator makes a decision on the BTF’s grievance relating to safe and healthful conditions and students’ education.
The School District has advised the BTF that it will not allow teachers to question principals about the school safety and health equipment, procedures, supplies, etc.
The Assessment asks questions relating to:
  • Quantity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g., masks, face shields, disinfecting sprays/wipes, non-contact thermometers
  • the proper sanitizing of classrooms, hallways, offices, bathrooms, lunch rooms, etc.
  • sufficient custodial staff
  • air purification systems
  • operable/non-existent windows
  • availability of nurses and safety of their offices
  • movement of people in halls, meetings, etc.
  • eating protocols
  •  isolation rooms
  • safety signage
  • whether school protocols meet State and Federal guidelines
  • any health and safety concerns
“In the midst of a Coronavirus pandemic, the District would rather risk the lives of school employees, students and the community than provide teachers with important information relating to the safe and healthful condition in its schools and sites. What do they have to hide?
They should be, but obviously are not, ashamed of attempting to cover up unsafe and unhealthy conditions in our schools.
They will have to explain any deaths or serious injury to students, parents, employees and the community as a result of this heinous cover-up. Being in court is no excuse for directing principals and others from providing critical safety and health information during this pandemic”, stated Philip Rumore, President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation