Press Release
For Immediate Release
December 22, 2020


The Buffalo Teachers Federation Executive Committee and Council of Delegates (representatives from all schools) approved the following resolution.

“WHEREAS: Providing for the safe and finest education possible for our students entails ensuring that teachers, parents, administrators and staff, who know best and first hand what is important, have input into and have confidence in the reopening plan for their school/site.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: Buffalo teachers call for said reopening plans be approved by each school’s/site’s Site Based Decision Making Team.”


Each school’s Site Based Management Team (SBMT) is composed of:

  • One (1) Administrator *
  • At Least Five (5) Parents*
  • At Least Five (5) Teachers*
  • Teacher Aides/Assistants
  • Other School Staff
  • Students (Grade 5 and Above)


    * Mandated Members By Law

“There must be delineated guidelines, procedures and safety measures established by the District; however, since each school/site is, in many ways different, each School Site Based Management Team (SBMT) must provide the final approval for the reopening plan for their school/site.

They are the people who know what is best for their school/site and who will be working together to provide for our students.

The exclusion of Teachers, Parents and Staff from making this decision is unacceptable and can harm the education and well-being of all.” stated Philip Rumore, President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation.