Press Release
For Immediate Release
January 18, 2018

Rumore Defends Teachers and Parents Seeking Removal of School #18 Principal

“Teachers at School #18 and other teachers in the District are angered that the Superintendent, Dr. Kriner Cash, has rejected teacher and parent calls for the removal of Principal Aakta Patel, sided with the Principal and in effect said if you don’t like it at the school, leave”, stated Phil Rumore, President of BTF.

On 12/15/17, the BTF sent the Superintendent and Board of Education an extremely negative “School Climate Survey” relating to the Principal, Aakta Patel. The survey was mailed to the teachers at School #18 with their responses being mailed to BTF.

e.g. 25. Teachers feel that principal is truthful and trustworthy.
Agree - 2      Disagree - 32 (94%)

9. The building is safe for students and faculty.
Agree - 3      Disagree - 30 (91%)

3. Actions taken in response to student behavior referrals are appropriate and consistent.
Agree - 2      Disagree - 32 (94%)

20. Teachers feel confident expressing concerns to the principal without fear of retaliation.
Agree - 3      Disagree - 31 (91%)

1. There are clear and consistent procedures/policies in place relating to student behavior.
Agree - 4      Disagree - 30 (88%)

There were similar results on the Climate Survey completed while Ms. Patel was assigned to West Hertel Elementary School as an Assistant Principal.

In addition, an on-line petition for the removal of Principal Patel is being circulated by a parent of a student at School #18,

“Teachers across the District are so disappointed and angered by the Superintendent siding with the Principal against the teachers, despite the fact that written documents were supplied to him and the Board, that they plan to bring a motion against his statements and position at our next Council of Delegates meeting (a meeting of all school representatives).

Since this is not the actions of the Superintendent, with whom I have worked with cooperatively, I hope he will reconsider his statements and position”, Rumore concluded.