Press Release
For Immediate Release
March 1, 2018


In addition to calling for specific state-wide and national actions to ensure the safety of students and school personnel, the BTF invited organizations, schools, school districts and concerned citizens to join it in flying their flags at half-staff until those flying the flags at half-staff are "convinced that sufficient actions (laws, regulations, programs, etc.) have been enacted to provide a safe environment in our schools for our students and school personnel".

"Since Sandy Hook, there have been 239 school shootings with 438 people shot and 138 murdered in our schools. The most recent being the 17 students, teachers and staff at Stoneman Douglas High School Yet, nothing of consequence has been done nationally or in most states to prevent further carnage in our schools.

The adults in government have failed those who have been murdered and injured and those in danger of being murdered and injured in our schools and elsewhere.

We must provide the courageous students leading the fight for safe schools by providing a constant reminder for all to see when they pass a flag, that we want action now, not talk or blame games to ensure that our students and school personnel are safe from those who would harm them.
The reminder has been constant and omni present. We cannot let those in government forget. We must force them to act now. Flying our flags at half-staff will provide that constant reminder – Act now to protect our students and school personnel. If not, we will remember in the next election", stated Phil Rumore, President.

The BTF will be surveying Buffalo teachers to identify safety issues in their school – e.g. classroom doors that don’t lock from the inside, lack of security officers, unsafe outside doors, P.A. system not working, etc.